Which type of decorator are you?

Is your interior style trendy, classic or perhaps art deco?

We have wallpaper for every style. Let's find out which best matches your taste.

Classic Scandinavian

Do you like to surround yourself with natural materials, basic functionality, simplicity, and as much light as possible? The classic decorator loves the timeless, traditional style and to express their creative side. They enjoy being surrounded by objects that hold sentimental value, but they also have an eye for trends. For them, the home is the focus of life, family and friends.

The classic Scandinavian decorator prioritizes family and loves social gatherings. At home, it is important that everyone feels comfortable and has a good time in a beautiful environment. It’s important that every room in the home complements the others. If this description sounds familiar, you will love our Scandinavian wallpapers.

Popular Scandinavian-style patterns

Modern and on-trend

Do you like trends and are you active on social media? The modern decorator strives to create a personal, unique home. You want to show your personality and lifestyle through the decor you surround yourself with. You like to update your home often and even everyday objects should be both practical and stylish.

Popular modern patterns

Art deco

This decorator is constantly experimenting with interior design. The atmosphere in their home is more important than what is trendy. You love to gather fresh inspiration from exciting trips. The art deco-decorator loves to create a unique interior. It doesn’t matter if different styles collide, you love a lot of colour and shapes in your home; it’s the details that give the home that little extra touch. You like change and is constantly seeking new challenges to provide an outlet for your creativity.

Popular art deco patterns