Staff projects and manage teams

Understand your team’s capacity down to an individual level. Make smart planning and project decisions with Hive.

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resource your team

Plan time at a project level

Allocate project time to individual teammates down to an hourly level.

task planning

Track time at a task level

Use time tracking to plot out time spent on individual tasks across your team.


Features for resourcing success

Use Projects and Project Navigator to identify ongoing projects, report on status, and manage timelines.

Use direct messages, group chats, or team updates to send relevant information along about projects and tasks.

Track time by action or project to better understand how your team works.

Receive automated updates about time spent per project via email, Hive, or your platform of choice with Hive Automate.

Track project progress, costs, goals, and more with dashboards and analytics.

Boil down insights based on your team’s time tracked to better optimize future projects.

visualize team workload

Team view in Resourcing

Understand how a whole team is spending their time with a resourcing team view.

easy reporting

Resourcing dashboard insights

Understand and report on all resourcing progress across your organization.

integrations & workflows

Run your entire team from Hive

Connect your favorite apps to Hive and automate the flow of information across your entire team.

What our customers are saying

“Hive allows our team to customize our workflow. It also has several tools and features that help us individually organize and optimize our goals and plans.”


Alex S,
Operations Coordinator

“I love the approval process. It truly helps our team streamline our work with minimum direct attention. I also enjoy summary views and how customizable they are to my different needs.”

Luke H,
Marketing Associate

“We use Hive as our primary workflow management tools – it helps us track of ongoing projects for all the members of the team with real time updates.”


Anirudh G,
Delivery Lead

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