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Hive Automate saves you time by automating everyday tasks. Speed up repeatable work.

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Enable automations in Hive

Toggle Hive Automate on from your Apps homepage in Hive to access our full suite of internal and external automations.


Speed up routine processes with a single click

Work better with others by connecting Hive to 1,000+ external apps. Take advantage of a growing library of workflow recipes. Or build your own in a matter of minutes.


Customize your workflows

Make the standard recipes work for you. Use the drag and drop workflow builder to customize multi-step workflows without any coding knowledge.

How it works

Building workflow recipes is quick and easy. Choose your automation actions, triggers and conditions to automate changes in Hive or external apps.

Three ways you can automate in Hive

Automate your work in Hive

These Hive-toHive connections will help your team take their workflows to the next level.


Bring external information into Hive

Bring the apps you love together with hive to create seamless, one-click workflows that run your processes for you.

Send data from Hive to other apps

Send information from Hive to your most used apps to ensure that your team isn’t doubling up on work.

Create your own Recipes


Action cards

Automate your tasks – Action Cards in Hive – by building workflows that affect their creation, status, assignees and delivery dates.



Keep your projects moving with automated workflows that take action when a project is created, updated or custom fields and dates change.

Ready-to-go Recipes

Don’t know where to start? Enable our pre-built recipes with a few clicks.

Why Hive Automate?

Cloud and on-prem apps

Build connections not only between cloud apps, but also on-premise software.

One and two-way data sync

Choose how you want to sync data between your tools.

Enterprise-level security & control

Control who builds and executes automated workflows.

Real-time and scheduled workflows

Decide if you want to run your workflows live or schedule them in advance.

Efficient error handling

Easily identify and fix errors in your workflows.

Email notification customization

Tailor notification emails to your needs.

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Don’t know where to start?

Our product experts can create recipes, build automations, and polish your workflows in a one session.

See for yourself why successful teams move faster in Hive.

Try it now for free. No credit card needed.