Hive is on a mission to improve
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Our mission

With Hive, teams move faster.


People are more productive and happier if they can work the way they want. Whether it’s about where they work (at home or in the office), how they communicate with co-workers, or what tools they use to get their work done.


That’s why Hive is the only project management platform designed by its users.


Because you know what works.

Designed by users, built by us


votes and counting on canny

We get it – teams work differently. Whether you’re running an international marketing team, working at an ad agency, or executing a product launch, you’ve got unique requirements.

That’s why we source all of our product ideas from our Hive Forum — a place where you can provide feedback and ideas that we will magically bring to life.

Company values

Move faster

Weekly product releases and updates, as requested by our users.

Customer obsessed

You tell us what you want, we build it.

Radical transparency

One place for all of your team and organization’s work.


A place where everyone can feel comfortable working together.


Always listening, always learning.

How it started

Hive was born from co-founders John Furneaux and Eric Typaldos’ career-long obsessions with workplace collaboration.

John spent over a decade leading global customer success, learning what teams need to be effective at multinationals and startups alike, while Eric specialized in addressing the many productivity pain points and headaches that plague government and enterprise organizations.

Spotting a huge gap between a productivity tool users loved and leaders needed, they set out to found and build Hive.

How it’s going








Hive graduates from #1 accelerator AngelPad

Hive raises $1.4 million in seed funding led by Tribeca Venture Partners

Hive team grows and acquires new office space in Flatiron

Hive powers thousands of teams throughout the transition to remote work

Hive receives first-ever investment from Zoom’s new Apps Fund

Hive raises another $4 million in seed funding by Vocap Investment Partners

Hive raises $10.6M in Series A funding with Comcast Ventures as the lead investor

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community matters

For a smooth ride with Hive, join The Swarm – a vibrant community on Facebook – where our members discuss their best practice and answer questions from the community.

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