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All the tools you need to succeed as a remote organization. Plan, track, and collaborate in Hive from anywhere.

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Plans that make a difference

Remote teams work best with clear, trackable goals and projects. Use Hive to ensure that your team is always on the same page.

coordinate and communicate

Centralized communication

Remote work requires consistent, clear communication across a variety of teams and even time zones. Use Hive as a single source of truth to streamline communication and track next steps. 


Tools for remote success

Use Projects and Project Navigator to identify high-impact projects, report on status, and manage timelines.

Use direct messages, group chats, or team updates to send relevant information along. Streamline updates in one place for volunteers, full time team members, and more.

Meetings are more important than ever before. Sync Zoom with Hive, bring your calendar into the app, and take Notes during your meetings.

Receive automated updates via email, Hive, or your platform of choice with Hive Automate.

Use portfolio and summary views to track a variety of projects across your team or organization. Ensure that there is full visibility across management.

Add a profile picture, status, working week, and more into your personal Hive profile. Share this information with new hires and teammates.

centralize your tools

Minimize your tech stack

Stop switching between dozens of windows. Bring all of the tools you use day-to-day into Hive to streamline your processes.

high-level insights

Track milestones and goals with dashboards

Remote teams work best when they’re aligned. Set up goals and milestones in Hive and report on relevant metrics.

integrations & workflows

Run your remote team from Hive

Connect your favorite apps to Hive and automate the flow of information across your entire remote organization.

What our customers are saying

“Hive allows our team to customize our remote workflow. It also has several tools and features that help us individually organize and optimize our goals and plans.” 


Alex S,
Operations Coordinator

“Hive can be used to manage creative and technical marketing initiatives, as well as assign responsibilities from anywhere.”


Andrew F,
Software Engineer

“Hive is responsive and listen to their users. They have a great system for gathering user feedback. I find myself getting a little giddy when they release updates.”


Marketing and Advertising

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