Run great meetings

Hybrid work means changes to meetings and how work is done across teams. Here’s how Hive empowers teams to meet successfully.

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set an agenda

Start with a framework

Successful meetings start with agendas. Get your team on the same page with Hive Notes

meet effectively

Kick off your meeting from Hive

Use Hive’s Zoom and Teams integrations to enter your meetings from the app itself. 


Features for meeting success

A first-of-its-kind collaborative note-taking app inside of Hive. Add an agenda, images, attachments, and more.

Sync your Google or Outlook calendar’s with Hive to ensure that you never miss a meeting.

Bring internal and external collaborators into your Hive Note to work together in real-time. Never miss a next step or a meeting note again.

Have a format that you follow again and again for meetings? Set a Notes template to avoid duplicative work.

Generate a task or next-step directly from an email. Ensure that all post-meeting follow-ups stay linked to the relevant project.

Export project plans, views, or share overall milestones in Hive with meeting participants. Report on high-level metrics.

real time updates

Bring hybrid teammates together

Whether you’re in an office, remote, or working with external clients, take notes in real-time and collaborate with teammates.

templatize meetings 

Glean insights from past projects

Create, add, and share Notes templates from previous projects and meetings. Collaborate with teammates on the best format for you. 

integrations & workflows

Run your entire organization from Hive

Connect your favorite apps to Hive and automate the flow of information across your entire team.

What our customers are saying

“Hive has helped our small company formalize our change processes, track progress much more easily and saved copious notes after meetings.”



Gary B,
Chief Operating Officer

“Its allowing our team to save time on meetings, and allows us to stay organized and on top of group projects with the commenting feature.”


Marketing and Advertising

“Improved communication between all members of our marketing department and speed up how we get information to each other. Reduces meetings.”



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See for yourself why successful teams move faster in Hive.

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