Plans mean nothing
without a goal

The only project management platform for
hybrid work, shaped by users.

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Purpose over

Everyone wants to know how they’re moving their organization forward — your team is more than just a project.


Set goals, visualize progress, and keep everyone aligned in one centralized dashboard.


What’s your North Star?

Our goals dashboard is much more than a list of end points. It’s your North Star.

Create one, ten, twenty, or more goals for your team, so everyone understands what they’re contributing to.


Streamlined tracking

Centralize and automate your goal tracking and reporting.
Pull data from other systems into Hive to streamline operations and reporting.

Unite your team

Everyone collaborates better when there’s a common goal.


Share your goal or goals, assign the goal to relevant teammates, track activity, and give yourselves a deadline.


How are we doing?

Understand how your team and organization are pacing towards an individual goal or a set of goals.


Color-coded designations allow easy understanding of “on-track” items.


Where can we optimize?

When it’s time to review progress, accomplishments, and achievements, easily export all relevant information.

Set goals your way

Flexible goals format

Task based goals

Use task goals to set a benchmark based on number tasks completed. This type of goal will document progress by percentage completed.

Numerical goals

Numerical goals will allow teams to set a number-based goal to measure progress. Input an initial value, goal value, and current value to display your progress in a bar format or current value.

Monetary goals

Have a revenue or funding goal to hit? Use our monetary goal setting to add your goal in USD, Euros, Yen, Pounds, and more. Add initlal, current, and goal value to track progress.

Custom goals

Customize your Goals by syncing data from other systems with Hive. Seamlessly update your Goals dashboard with relevant information from places like Hubspot, Salesforce, Gong, and more.

See for yourself why successful teams move faster in Hive.

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